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Latest news

18/08/22: Terry's Allstars arrived to play the Pickwick with a vast array and no shortage of talent for our final home league match of the summer season. The Gypsy could do nothing with his only visit to the table, being total snookered in frame 1. Was this the beginning of a mauling. No, the Pickwick are made of stronger stuff these days. Ian took control of frame 2 and Gaf nicked the 3rd. Bedtime fudged and strangled frame 4 and but for a bad kick the Piledriver would surely have won the final frame of the set. So first blood to the Pickwick at 3-2 up. From herein onwards the Allstars began to play some nice pool and although we fought hard our opponents began to close the frames out. Only Gaf stood in their way with long awaited hat trick. The match finished with the Allstars in the ascendancy 2-1 in sets and 10-5 in frames. The Pickwick finished the season placed fourth on 29 points,and engaged in battle with every team we have played. Well done to all our soldiers who dug in deep at times. The future looks bright for all those with a Pickwick persuasion.

The Pickwick PH
The original venue.

The infamous pole that restricted cueing
The infamous pole that restricted cueing. Probably the MVP in the majority of the Pickwick's home match victories. Such an iconic landmark in the SE London pool scene that the pole has since become embraced as the team's logo.

The Pickwick Public House is now closed, and being converted to flats with a licenced premises situated within.
The Pickwick's home venue is now Blackheath Newbridge Social Club.