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Latest news

25/11/21: The Juggernaut and Bedtime spearheaded the Pickwick attack away at the Bears with both players recording hat tricks with "Man of the Match" performance from the Juggernaut particularly impressive. The Bears weren't at full strength but nevertheless the Pickwick couldn't afford to take any prisoners with precious points at steak. Our team edged the first two sets 3-2 before going a frame better in the final set. The difference between the teams was that the mistakes and missed pots were punished and the two players mentioned earlier received good support from the Gyspy. The 10-5 win propels the Pickwick up to third in the table with teams below having a game in hand. Points on the board is what it's all about.

The Pickwick PH

The infamous pole that restricted cueing
The infamous pole that restricted cueing. Probably the MVP in the majority of the Pickwick's home match victories. Such an iconic landmark in the SE London pool scene that the pole has since become embraced as the team's logo.

The Pickwick Public House now closed, rumored to be converted to flats with a licenced premises situated within.
The Pickwick's home venue is now Blackheath Newbridge Social Club.