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19/05/22: Strangely the Pickwick shared a 2-2 point division again this week, although it was in a complete opposite scoring mode against The Cocked Hats. The Pickwick were looking to take the game to the opponents with home advantage. The Piledriver cleared up well and Juggy applied the same principles as the first two frames were over in quick time. The game settled down to the usual routine and the fireworks well quelled for a while. The Pickwick won the first set 3-2 and then won the first 3 frames of second set to wrap that one up as well. A healthy 6-2 lead should have been the springboard for a convincing Pickwick point haul. The Cocked Hats had other ideas and won the next 5 frames including a break and dish in frame 11. Rafa but the brakes on in frame 14 and just like last week we went down to a final frame decider. Alas our opponents turned frame 15 in their favour and the frame bonus eluded us this week. Final score Pickwick 2-1 in set and 7-8 in frames.

The Pickwick PH

The infamous pole that restricted cueing
The infamous pole that restricted cueing. Probably the MVP in the majority of the Pickwick's home match victories. Such an iconic landmark in the SE London pool scene that the pole has since become embraced as the team's logo.

The Pickwick Public House now closed, rumored to be converted to flats with a licenced premises situated within.
The Pickwick's home venue is now Blackheath Newbridge Social Club.